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Emma Watson era

Series 1
Rise of the Daleks (Enemies: Daleks, and Dalek Emperor. Debut: The first Dreamer,K9 and Cora)
Fears of darkness (Enemies: Vashtra Nerada)
The Judoon Fugitive (Enemy: Judoon)
The Forense Tilt (Enemies: Forensaray)
Cororina (Enemies: Cororinors)
The Unearthly being (Enemies: Gas-Mask Zombies)

Series 2
The missing toy (Enemy: The Celestial Toy Maker)
Corruption of a time lord (Enemy: Time Order)
Fall of the Cudersade. (Enemy: Cuders)
Demons of Mars (Enemy: The Ice Warriors)
Invasion of Earth (Enemy: Forlensa)
War of the Cybermen (Enemy: Professor Daner Cybs, and Cybermen. Ending: The First Dreamer. Introducing: The Second Dreamer)

Kaya Scodelario era

Series 3
The Forbidden Planet (Enemies: Daleks. Debut: The second Dreamer)
Feast of Demonic Queen (Enemies: Consatrica)
Frozen Dream (Enemy: The Great Intelligence. One Time Companion Debut: Samuel Stewart)
The Trials of two sisters (Enemy: The Nightmare)
The Mysterious Angels (Enemies: Weeping Angels. Ending: Cora Reeds)

Christmas Special
The Fall of Silence (Enemies: The Silence. One Time Companion: Melody Pond)

Series 4
Reign of the Zygons (Enemies: The Zygons. Debut: Evy Sanders, and One Time companion: George Sanders)
Return of Hatred (Enemy: The Nightmare)
Poisonous Fear (Enemy: Venomias)
The Enemy War (Enemies: Daleks, Davros, Professor Daner Cybs/Cyberleader, Cybermen. Returning Companion: Samuel Stewart)
The Death of Pandora (Enemies: Sleethias)
Fall of the Dream (Enemy: The Great Intelligence. Returning One Time Companions: George Sanders, Samuel Stewart, and Cora Reeds. Ending: 2nd Dreamer. Introduce: 3rd Dreamer)

Leighton Meester era

Series 5
The Infernal Cosmos (enemies: Pyolae Debut: 3rd Dreamer)
The Spear of Space (Enemies: Autons)
The alliance of Foes (Enemies: The Nightmare, Autons, Daleks)
Circus of the Damned (Enemies: Autons Ending: Evy Sanders. Debut: Clarisse Densa)
The Return of the Sontar (Enemies: The Sontarans Ending: K9 I. Debut: K9 II)
The Cries of Angels (Enemies: Weeping Angels)

Anniversary Special
The Three Dreamers (Enemy: Omega, Zoxs. Returning: Evy Sanders, George Sanders, Samuel Stewart, Cora Reeds, 2nd Dreamer, 1st Dreamer. Debut: The Time Lords)

Christmas Special
Snow of the Fallen (Enemy: Autons)

Series 6
The Dalek Conquest (Enemy: Daleks, and Dalek Emperor)
Night of the living Sun (Enemy: Solaria)
Voyage of Hell (Enemy: Pyria)
Ship of Doomed (Enemy: The Scyox Pirates)
Eternal Nightmare aka The Final Confront part 1 (Enemy: The Nightmare)
Eternal Dream aka The Final Confront part 2 (Enemy: The Nightmare Ending: 3rd Dreamer. Debut: 4th Dreamer)

Jenna Coleman era

Series 7
The Cyber Virus (Enemies: Professor Daner Cybs/Cyberleader, The Cybermen Debut: 4th Dreamer)
The Warrior of Detaina. (Enemy: Sontarans)
Revenge of the humanoids (Enemies: Autons. Ending: Clarisse Densa)
The Wolves of Scotland (Enemies: Daleks. Debut: Ruby Rensa)
The consumption of life (Enemies: Leechias)
The Dark Revenge (Enemy: Nightmare)

Christmas Special
The Death of Snow (Enemies: Ice Warriors)

Series 8
Rebirth of the Daleks (Enemies: Daleks, and Davros)
The Seeker of Silver (Enemies: Professor Daner Cybs/Cyberleader, The Cybermen)
Flesh, and Morph (Enemies: Zygons)
Blood of Venice (Enemies: Vampiria)
Geotopia (Enemies: Devorio)
The Crystalize Planet (Enemies: Crystaliza. Ending: 4th Dreamer. Introduce: 5th Dreamer)

Taylor Monsem era

Series 9
The fear of frost (Enemies: Ice Warriors. Debut: 5th Dreamer)
The Duel of the Daleks (Enemies: Daleks, Davros.)
The Silver Demon (Enemies: Cybermen Ending: Ruby Rensa)
Fallen Angels (Enemies: Weeping Angels Debut: Isabelle Carina)
The Crystal of Detila (Enemies: Crystaliza)
Desiropolis (Enemies: Venomias)

Christmas Special
The Evil of Snow (Enemy: The Great Intelligence)

Series 10
Keriaie (Enemies: Vashtra Nerada)
Dalek's Invasion of Earth (Enemies: Daleks)
Twisted one (Enemy: Nightmare. Darieria)
The Dark Flames (Enemies: Pyroia)
Rise of Pandora (Enemies: Sleethia)
Sontar-Ra (Enemies: Sontarans. Ending: 5th Dreamer. Introduce: 6th Dreamer)

Kristen Stewart era

Series 11
Angels of Hell (Enemies: Weeping Angels Debut: 6th Dreamer)
The Time Child (Enemies: Clonsia Debut: Melicia)
The Death of Cyber (Enemies: Cybermen Ending: Isabelle Carina)
The Dalek Wars (Enemies: Daleks, and Davros)
The Poison Sea (Enemies: Sontarans)
Foreiner (Enemies: Foreiner)

Anniversary Special
The Six Dreamers (Enemies: Dalek, Cybermen, Weeping Angels, Nightmare, Leechias, Carilay. Returning: 1st Dreamer, Cora Reeds, 2nd Dreamer, George Sanders, Samuel Stewart, 3rd Dreamer, Evy Sanders, Clarisse Densa, 4th Dreamer, Ruby Rensa, 5th Dreamer, Isabelle Carina. Debut One Time Companion: The Maiden. Debut: Rassilon)

Series 12
Death of the Sky (Enemies: Scyrox Pirates)
Demons of Blood (Enemies: Vampiria)
The birth of the Daleks (Enemies: Daleks)
Frosted Damned (Enemies: Ice Warriors)
The Cyber Denial (Enemies: Cybermen)
End of All (Enemy: Nightmare. Ending: 6th Dreamer, and Melicia)

Lily Collins Era

Series 13
Dila Arm (Enemies: Auton Debut: 7th Dreamer, Christine Liltoa)
Graves of Weepers (Enemies: Weeping Angels)
Dark Spirits (Enemies: Ghosts of Denukai)
Frostway (Enemies: Ice Warriors)
Survival (Enemies: Cheetah Men)
Demonia (Enemies: Geckolians)

Series 14
Dasria (Enemy: Platoonia)
Deep Water (Enemies: Sea Devils)
Charcia (Enemies: Pyria)
Earth War (Enemies: Cybermen)
Treasure of Time (Scyromax Pirates)
Death Town (Enemies: Ratoonaboon)

Gabriella Wilde
Dream Return aka Dreamer the Movie (Enemy: Nightmare. Ending: 7th Dreamer, and Christine Liltoa Debut: 8th Dreamer, and Salena Grace)
Cybs Tomb aka Dreamer the Movie 2 (Enemies: Cybermen)
Angels of Rome aka Dreamer the Movie 3 (Enemies: Weeping Angels)
Shada aka Dreamer the Movie 4 (Enemy: Skagra)
Silence Will Fall aka Dreamer the Movie 5 (Enemy: The Silence)
War of Fatal Doom aka Dreamer the Movie 6 (Enemy: Sontarans & Autons)
Return of the stolen faces aka Dreamer the Movie 7 (Enemy: Zygons)
Final Winter aka Dreamer the Movie 8 (Enemy: Ice Warriors. Ending: 8th Dreamer. Introduce: 9th Dreamer)

Phoebe Tonkins era

Series 15
Time Bomb (Enemy: The Great Intelligence Debut: 9th Dreamer, One Time Companion Debut: Vastra, Jenny, Strax)
Cyberking (Enemies: Cybermen Ending: Salena Grace)
School Blues (Enemies: Sliteens Debut: Layla Carolinda)
Revenge (Enemy: Dalek)
The Fear ones (Enemies: Shifties)
Wings Weep (Enemies: Weeping Angels)

Series 16
Trial and Error (Enemies: Zygons)
Demon's King (Enemies: Cargoria)
Flames of Life (Enemies: Minon Ceter)
The Mysterious Detective (Enemies: The Silence)
Zezua (Enemies: Doppelagrunge)
Rise of Matronic (Enemies: Autons. Returning One Time Companions: Vastra, Jenny, Strax. Ending: 9th Dreamer. Introduce: 10th Dreamer)

Jennifer Morrison era

Series 17
The Long Battle (Enemies: Daleks, and the Dalek Emperor Introducing: 10th Dreamer)
Deep Sight (Enemies: Weeping Angels)
Legends of Death (Enemies: Denorsa mummies)
The Silver Fear (Enemies: Cybermen Ending: Layla Carolinda)
The Poison Frost (Enemies: The Great Intelligence Debut: Rebecca Noble)
The unknown Cult (Enemies: Daleks, The new cult of Skaro)

Christmas Special
The Spider Wedding (Enemies: Racnaross)

Series 18
Lost Reunion (Enemies: The skeeas. Returning One Time Companion: Ruby Rensa, and K9 III)
The Bell of Dame (Enemies: Cult of Skaro Belicier)
Dark Light (Enemies: Star Jackers Debut: Ryan Delta)
Lotopia (Enemies: Screechina)
The Drum Beat (Enemy: Nightmare)
Last of the Time Children (Enemy: Nightmare Ending: Ryan Delta)

C.I.N. Minisode
Time Collision (Returning: 2nd Dreamer)

Christmas Special
Venomous Holiday (Enemies: Viperia)

Series 19
The Flames of Venice (Enemies: Flaming Bats)
The Deep Ocean (Enemies: Sea Devils One Time Companion Debut: Max Thunders)
Poison Air (Enemies: Sontarans)
Fate of Earth (Enemies: Sontarans)
The Stolen Earth (Enemies: Daleks, and Davros. Returning One Time: Layla Carolinda, Ruby Rensa, Ryan Delta)
The Prophecy (Enemies: Daleks, and Davros. Returning One Time: Layla Carolinda, Ruby Rensa, Ryan Delta)

Christmas Special
Detina Halls (Enemies: The Great Intelligence, and Autons)

Series 20
The Dark Planet (Enemies: Cybermen)
Creatures of Fear (Enemies: The Shadowias)
The Cold Comet (Enemies: Ice Warriors)
The Skulls of Denetor (Enemies: Flesh Leechers)
Time Ends part 1 (Enemies: Nightmare Returning: The Maiden, and Melicia II.)
Time Ends part 2 (Enemies: Nightmare, Rassilon Returning: The Maiden, Melicia II, Layla Carolinda, Ryan Delta Ruby Rensa. Ending: 10th Dreamer. Introduce: 11th Dreamer)

Megan Fox era

Series 21
Final minute (Enemy: Corabras Debut: 11th Dreamer)
The Pyramid of Death (Enemies: Cyber mummies Ending: Rebecca Noble)
Rise of Daleks (Enemies: Daleks Debut: Melissa Deliater)
Feast of Doom (Enemies: Cannibeliers)
Circus of Fears (Enemies: Autons)
Faith Loss (Enemies: Daleks, and Dalek Minister. Ending: 11th Dreamer Introduce: 12th Dreamer)

Nina Dobrev era

Series 22
The missing Time (Enemy: The Rani Debut: 12th Dreamer)
Lost Return (Enemy: Cyberleader, Cybermen)
Death at the Theatre (Enemy: Sleevax Ending: K9 II Introduce: K9 IV)
Forsaken Doom (Enemy: Drellias Ending: Melissa Deliater)
The Planet of Demons (Enemy: Demonrina Debut: Cassandra Desora & Frederick Recoaler)
The Fear of Space (Enemy: Beezeray One Time Companion Returning: Max Thunder)

Holiday Episode
Christmas Lullaby (Enemy: Weeping Angels)

Series 23
Rise of the Daleks (Enemies: Daleks)
The Unknown Soldier (Enemy: The Silence Returning Companion: Max Thunder, The Maiden)
The Mars mission (Enemy: The Silence Returning companion: Max Thunder)
The pirates of the netherworld (Enemies: Sirens)
The Mysterious Cube (Enemies: Daleks, Cybermen, Sontarans, Zygons, Autons, Clonsia)
The restart button (Enemy: Daleks)

Holiday Episode
Spirit of Holiday (Enemy: Solaria)

Series 24
Husband of the Dreamer (Enemy: Dentoray One Time Companion: Datris)
The mysterious clones (Enemy: Ganger)
Truth or Fake (Enemy: Ganger One Time Companion: Dreamer Ganger)
Battle at Hell Tower (Enemy: The Silence Army & Headless Monks. Returning: Vastra, Jenny, Strax, netherworld pirates)
The unknown Time Child (Enemy: Dean Recoaler)
Play Time of Fear (Enemy: The Celestial Toy Maker)

Holiday Episode
Christmas of Time (Enemy: The Rani)

Series 25
The mother that protected (Enemy: Tec-Toc Returning: The Maiden)
The Darkness of Time (Enemy: Silence Returning: Max Thunder)
The point of all (Enemy: The Silence Returning: Max Thunder)
The Twisted Daleks (Enemy: Daleks One Time Companion: Clarice Desura)
Quality Time (Enemy: Mocktroes One Time Companion: Raymond Recoaler)
Angels of New York (Enemy: Weeping Angels Ending: Cassandra & Frederick Recoaler)

Holiday Episode
The Snow Soldiers (Enemy: The Great Inteligence Returning: Vastra, Jenny, Strax. One Time Companion: Governess Carol Desura)

Series 26
The Bell of the Gods (Enemy: The Great Intelligence Debut: Carol Desura)
The Flames of Arkten (Enemy: Cargoia)
Light Revenge (Enemy: Star Jackers)
Silver Nightmare (Enemy: Cybermen)
No Joking Around (Enemy: Trickster)
Name of the Dream (Enemy: The Rani. Returning: Vastra, Jenny, Strax, Max Thunder. Introduce: The Dream Warrior)

Anniversary Episode
Day of the Dream (Enemy: Cuders & Daleks. Returning: 10th Dreamer, Rebecca Noble, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 11th: Archives. Debut: Dreamer Warrior & 13th Dreamer)

Holiday Episode
Time of the Dream (Enemy: Daleks, Cybermen, Sontarans, Weeping Angels, Silence, Autons, Zygons. Ending: 12th Dreamer. Introduce: 13th Dreamer)

Claire Holt Era
Series 27
A New Age (Enemy: Flesh Cyborgas Debut: The 13th Dreamer)
Beyond the Dalek (Enemy: Daleks One Time Companion: Metala the Dalek)
Song of the Angels (Enemy: Weeping Angels)
The Battle of the Strong (Enemy: Sontarans, Autons)
The Revenge of hate (Enemy: Cybermen & The Nightmare)
The True Fight of Siblings (Enemy: Cybermen & The Nightmare)
The Dreamer Episodes
You could tell I'm a Doctor Who fan, and these are adventures of my character a Time Lady call The Dreamer. Doctor Who belongs to BBC.
A name game series idea.

Developer: Square Enix

Publishers: Square Enix

System: 3DS

Composer: Yoko Shimomura

Plot: A legend for told of a legendary demon of the darkness seeking the rubies of the gods from the four gods that sealed him for centuries. Only a warrior chosen from the gods is destined to defeat the legendary demon, and save the realm of Chroniclia.

Detornal Yuraki

A young villager who was separated from his family during a raid that killed millions. He learn that is chosen by the gods to defeat the legendary demon of darkness, and protect the rubies of the gods with the legendary blade known as the spiritia.
Japanese V/A: Tatsuya Fujiwara English V/A: Yuri Lowenthal
Legacy of Spirits
A new video game series idea. You could create a new character as well to be part of the game party.
Since I started using the Art Academy on the Wii U I decided to revive my point commission business again.

What I draw
size changing

don't draw
yaoi (nothing against it)
anthro (maybe)
100 points
Single character b&w

150 points
single character color

200 points
single character color with background

250 points
group characters b&w

300 points
group characters color

350 points
group characters with color and background.
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: Final Fantasy music
  • Reading: nothing
  • Watching: none


Alex Stewart
United States
Favorite music: Video game music,movie scoes,disney songs, and the Doctor Who main theme.
Hobbies: Drawing,Writing,video games
Listening to: The Doctor Who theme

My birthday badge

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