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Once Upon A Light
Act 5
Friend or Foe. The mistrusted king.
At Peter Pan's camp, Little Em was once again sitting a bit aside and watching how the Lost Boys were having fun together. Suddenly, she felt someone point something at her back. 
"Ouch…!" – she exclaimed as she turned around to see who it was.
It was a Lost Boy, Davin, witth a long pointed stick. The boy commented, pointing his stick at her:
"So, you're the one Pan was looking for all those years."
"Go ask to him." – Little Em suggested as she was backing away.
The boy violently waved his stick, which Little Em luckily avoided.
"Enough!" – she yelled, catching everyone's attention.
"You're scared of a stick? Talk about a hero! Pan's wrong about you." – Davin kept bullying her. 
Little Em noticed a wooden stick nearby, and Davin nodded to encourage her to take it and fight back. The girl grabbed it and started to block the Lost Boy's assaults. She was not that good a
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Walker Stalker con/Heroes  Villains fanfest  2017 by darkshadow278 Walker Stalker con/Heroes Villains fanfest 2017 :icondarkshadow278:darkshadow278 7 8 Walker Stalker con/Heroes  Villains fan fest 2017 by darkshadow278 Walker Stalker con/Heroes Villains fan fest 2017 :icondarkshadow278:darkshadow278 9 0
Once Upon A Light
The 6 stars. The sealed shadow.
Felix was leading Neal to Pan's camp. Neal's hands were tied up. Felix commented that he would have never thought they would meet again.
"Pan wans't clever to mess up with the guardians." – Neal replied.
"I think you weren't clever, not Pan." – Felix said on his turn.
"Time will show." – Neal said with a chuckle.
"Are you serious? You're a Lost Boy too, so you know that mess up with Pan ends bad." – Felix reminded Peter Pan's power – "He had been looking for the heart of the truest believer and the Eternal Crystal for years. I don't see why he would surrender to the Found Girls." 
"I'll just ask him nicely." – Neal suggested, sounding half-serious.
Felix only laughed at Neal's foolish suggestion, commenting that he might have grew up, but he didn't gain intelligence. He did not notice that Neal was progressively freeing his hands from the rope. 
"Yes, I grew up. Don't know if I'm smart
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Sonic T-Shirt  by darkshadow278 Sonic T-Shirt :icondarkshadow278:darkshadow278 4 0
Anime All Stars Battle
Known in Japan as Great Anime Battle Royal (偉大なアニメバトル王室 Idaina anime batoru ōshitsu) is a fighting game that crosses over popular anime heroes from different anime studios.
Otake Matsuta
Aikawa Yasuko
Shinji Ikari-Neon Genesis Evangelion
Makina Hosimura-Corpse Princess
Naota Nandaba-FLCL
Madhouse Animation
Saitama-One Punch Man
Ippo Makunochi-Hajime no Ippo
Rei Miyamoto-Highschool of the Dead
Sakura- Cardcaptor Sakura
Nippon Animation
Conan-Future Boy Conan
Chojin Locke-Locke the Superman
Akira Akebono-Daigunder
Yamato Takeru-Yamato Takeru
Yusuke Urameshi-Yu Yu Hakusho
Naruto Uzumaki-Naruto
Ichigo Kurosaki-Bleach
Kenichi Kokuho-The Burning Wild Man
Tezuka Productions
Astro-Astro Boy
Kuro Hazama-Black Jack
Hosuke Shakaru-The Three-Eyed One
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Once Upon A Light Abridged
Dark Kingdom
Queen Exitumia: So once again, you failed me huh?
Arosao: It's not my fault if the writers decided to bring more than one Sailor Guardian in the story and-
Queen Exitumia: Silence! You better correct your mistake, or you'll end up in ashes!
Oracle: Talk about a foreshadowing.
Queen Exitumia: By the way, who's the next guardian?
Oracle: Hmm... Oh... Ooooh... Nice... Interesting... Very interesting indeed...
Queen Exitumia: Are you done with that?! What's that about her?!
Oracle: She is... hot.
Arosao: Let's bring the opening title before we make even more disturbing jokes.
Once Upon A... Light!!
Emma: So, what are you saying is... Alex's and my mums are Disney
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Once Upon A Light Abridged
Dark Kingdom
Queen Exitumia and Arosao are in the throne room.
Queen Exitumia: So, you're telling me... that a 14 years old blonde in mini skirt managed to kill one of our monsters OF DARKNESS with dark supernatural powers?!
Arosao: Well... said like that, it might sound dumb...
Queen Exitumia: Shut up! I don't give a damn to your excuses! Oracle, show yourself!!
Oracle: Yes, my queen? (then whispers) It's doesn't look like it, but I gonna be an important character later in the story.
Queen Exitumia: Tell me about the next one! 
Oracle: Let's see... blonde hair, blue eyes... and... a christian personnality.
Queen Exitumia: That's perfect! 
Arosao: Err... what's "perfect" exactly? The Oracle just revealed us our next enemy.
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Once Upon A Light
Act 3
Faith Trust, and Shadows? The fairy princess is controlled.
Enchanted Forest
At night a young fairy child was looking at the night sky as she heard her mother the queen of fairies walk next to her she ask about the stars, and why they sparkle. Her mother told her about goddesses that keep the worlds safe as there light sparkles in the night sky.
Captain Hook, Regina, David, Mary Margaret and the guardians were walking through the jungles, with the red crest on the map of Neverland as their goal. After a while, David asked to his wife:
"Do you want have a rest?"
"No, I'm fine." – Mary Margaret replied.
"It's just not good to walk that long with that heat." – David commented.
"So, you need rest?" – Mary Margaret said with an amused smile.
"No, no…" – David denied – "I'm fine." 
While the leading couple was talking, Cecilia was facing her own problems on the other end of the line. When Alex
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Once Upon A Light: Wish Realm: Rose
In the kingdom of Roses lives a royal family the king name Stefan, the queen Briar Rose, there daughter the princess Aurora, her beloved husband prince Phillip, and there only daughter Princess Rosalie. The Princess Aurora & Prince Phillip feared that Maleficent would harm there daughter after she plan to curse her after her birth even by the advice of the white cat Athena the adviser & friend of Rosalie about Aurora's choice to protect her daughter. Aurora was put into a sleeping curse after she took the curse to protect her daughter, and Philip was never seen again. Ten years went by since that hurtful day Aurora was put in the highest tower as the kingdom hope Phillip would return to break the curse with true love's kiss. They awaited for years, and they thing all hope is lost till one day.
"Athena? Athena where are you?" Rosalie at the age of ten was playing hide & seek with her friend Athena through out the castle that as she looks she stumble upon a door in a forbidde
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Belle png by darkshadow278 Belle png :icondarkshadow278:darkshadow278 9 0 Wizard World Comic Con 2017 by darkshadow278 Wizard World Comic Con 2017 :icondarkshadow278:darkshadow278 1 0


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It's actually happening!! Animaniacs is coming back!!
I decided to watch Neon Genesis Evangelion. Does anyone have opinions of the anime?
I finally got a new Iphone, and its way better than my previous Iphone.
Just got my Nintendo Switch this evening my FC is 0185-0293-1728
RIP Masaya Nakamura Thank you for bringing Pac-Man, and Namco to the world.
This just happen, and I'm happy about it.

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